Beware Flood Vehicles: Fort Collins Fleet Specialists Are Watching Out For You

As we begin to clean up here in Northern Colorado, unfortunately, we have to think about a few realities of the Northern Colorado flood disaster.


One concern we have to think about is  the influx of flood vehicles into the used car and fleet market. 

This is not something that people want to even worry about at this point, we still have rescues going on, but it is something that will begin to happen, and can devastate our area even more. We’ve seen it happen with both Hurricane’s Katrina and Sandy, and it is up to car sales in Fort Collins to protect the consumers from this predatory selling. Vehicles can be cleaned up and sent out around the country, looking virtually new, and the unsuspecting new owner is left with a hefty price-tag and a vehicle that was deemed totaled.

So, how do we combat this issue that we know is inevitable? By continuing to be vigilant as we inspect our vehicles, asking for complete reports, and being wary of “As-Is Warranties” or “Water Damage Disclaimers”.  Initiate third-party inspections, understand each piece of paperwork you receive, and understand the total risk you undertake when buying a vehicle.  Fort Collins fleet specialists and personal vehicle leasing consultants are here to aid in navigating this new reality we are faced with.

Fleet vehicles have been affected as well. While these vehicles are hardier than your personal vehicle, there are several yards that have been flooded. There is no limit to how hard this flood has hit. 

As the clean-up and rescue efforts continue across the Front Range, damage is being revealed to us. We keep victims in our thoughts and continue to monitor what is happening in the vehicle leasing and buying market.

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