Boost Your Business by Creating a Drivers’ Safety Course for Your Commercial Vehicle Fleet

Now that you’ve got your fleet up and running, you’ve got another step coming at you:

Driver Safety

The most successful companies are creating these courses, tailored to the needs of their commercial vehicle fleet, and implementing them within the company.

The benefits?

-Expectations of employees while driving are clear

-Professional driving atmosphere

-Reduction in insurance rates

-Reduction in mistakes and accidents

-Awareness of employee surroundings


-Customers feelings of safety

So how does one begin to implement this? Here are a few starting points to create a custom Drivers’ Safety Course for your commercial vehicle fleet: 

  1. Create a handbook. Document all of your procedures and how you want them to be done. Write down every scenario you have faced and can anticipate.
  2. Create a probationary period: have your employees “buy in” to the program. Put it on them to learn correct procedure–give an incentive to be better and learn.
  3. Create a vehicle checklist: This should include a visual check of the entire vehicle, allowing notes to be made on any new scratches or dings, flat tires, or damage done since the last time the vehicle was driven. This will keep employees accountable and your fleet well cared for.
  4. Create a driving test: the test should include a written and practical part, with a passing grade of 80%. Ask questions regarding CDL information, weight limits, backing procedures, speed limits, and courtesy towards others. For your driving test, have your employee demonstrate their abilities, as according to the vehicle’s needs.
  5. Create an accident account system: descriptions of the accident, information from all parties involved, and medical and emergency vehicle information. This will keep your employees accountable and make sure that the documentation you need to file a claim is all accounted for.
  6. A Reward System: Reward good behavior! Make it known who the good drivers are and reward them in front of everyone: positive reinforcement is more powerful than negative!
  7. Finally, follow protocol and keep it updated! Your job is to create a safe working environment, and that starts with empowering your employees to be their best!



Having this system implemented into your company is a great way to show your insurance company and potential customers that, above all, safety is important to you. Not only can it help to lower your rates, but you will find the trust of your customers increasing because your crews, the face of your company, are behaving in ways that support your business and it’s image.

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