Business Vehicles- Fleet Lease or Purchase?

Fleet Lease Advice

When it comes to your small business, you may find yourself asking “How do I protect the investment I make in my business vehicles?” When it comes time to add or replace a vehicle, you wonder Lease or Buy? You

A fleet lease could be the most practical, according to Chris Brown, executive editor of Business Fleet magazine:

“There are a lot of regionally located, small-fleet leasing companies that can give business owners a soup-to-nuts, cradle-to-grave program that helps them maintain their vehicles, with a menu of services based on their needs. Many small businesses need to outsource their fleet management to someone who knows what they’re doing so that the business owners can concentrate on their business,” Brown says.

When you purchase vehicles, you have to worry about the depreciation, plus finding that “just right” sweet spot of maintenance, cleanliness, and replacement schedule. With a fleet lease, however, you can save a lot of time, hassle, and most important: money.

Let JJ at Centennial Leasing & Sales take the stress out of your business fleet vehicles. We will help you with your fleet leasing management including taking in your trade(s), finding the right new vehicle, and structuring a lease that is based on your needs- not what a dealership wants to sell.

“As a Fleet Specialist and independent auto broker, I am not tied to one manufacturer, or even one financing company. I am your advocate and will find a vehicle and a deal that is right for your business, and your needs.

Call me anytime. Advice is free. 970-225-6581-JJ Vlahos

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