Salvaged Vehicles

On tuesday, the Denver Post reported that the Colorado Senate Transportation Committee is making an effort to  protect consumers from “salvaged vehicle” titles. This directly affects the vehicles coming out of the So13 September Floods. The post reported that:

House Bill 1299, which the Senate Transportation Committee approved Tuesday night, would repeal the vehicle-age requirement so that the vehicle, no matter how old, would carry the salvage designation after insurers make a “total” payout.

“It’s really a matter of helping to protect the consumers who are buying cars that are damaged. On the surface they look OK, the title is clean, but the car has gone through extensive repairs that will likely not keep it running,” said John Medved, who owns five car dealerships across the state and who backs the proposed measure.

Because of the state’s more lenient salvage laws, flood-damaged cars from areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy have made their way to Colorado for clean titles, say proponents of the measure, which include groups such as the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association and the Colorado Independent Automobile Dealers Association.

Read more: Effort in Colorado legislature would expand car salvage titles – The Denver Post 

This is an effort that will likely help to stave off faulty cars getting onto the market.


What do you think? Should this law go into effect here in Colorado?

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