Fleet Leasing Specialist

I want to earn all of your automotive business.  When it comes to your commercial vehicle lease needs, Centennial Fleet Leasing & Commercial Auto Sales in Fort Collins, Colorado is your best choice.  Whether it is a small Chevy Pick-up to run errands, a Dodge 1-ton dually, or a Ford F-650 to haul a bobcat, we can take care of it. Any make, any model, new or used, one or several, there is no reason to build a relationship with an auto broker every time you need another vehicle.  Tell us about the vehicle you’re looking for, and we’ll get started finding it!

We can also take care of the financing or the leasing and we even take care of the license plates in all 50 states.

In these busy times, why waste time and money shopping the auto market. We are guaranteed to save you time and money, or we won’t get involved! It’s that simple.

In these tough times when Banks and Manufacturers’ are tightening up on their fleet leasing, we offer competitive rates on commercial vehicles for both fleet leasing, and commercial auto sales.

We will locate The best vehicles for you, new or used.

We deliver anywhere in the US, and help obtain your license plates.

“We are like having an in-house fleet leasing manager not on your payroll

Not sure if it’s better to lease or buy?  Check out our three-part series on comparing Lease vs. Buy options.